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Thread: Nilchina to Valdez

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    Default Nilchina to Valdez

    A freind and I are planning a trip to valdez here in Feb. is this too early?? and does anybody have a GPS track of this trail. I wouldnt mind being one of the first accross. dont realy like trail riding. He'll be riding a newer 800 summit and I'll be riding a classic 2001 800 summit.


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    Nelchina Glacier to Valdez. It used to be 110 miles from Eureka Lodge to Valdez. Now the Valdez Glacier is near impassible and everyone is going out Tsina Glacier to the lodge and trailering to Valdez. If you aren't an experienced glacier traveler I highly recommend going with someone who has made the trip. The Nelchina Glacier is getting worse every year and the route changes sometimes. Later in March and April there will be a defined track where folks have been making the trip, but if it snows it's gone until someone comes over again. Lots of people have gotten in trouble on these glaciers. The guys who normally make the first trip from Valdez wear full climbing gear.

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    This is NOT a trip you want to take without a guide that has done it before. I spent a week with some very experience riders out of Valdez four years ago and all of them have hair raising tales to tell of losing machines in crevasses.


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