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Thread: Is there still a techno hunt in Anchorage

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    Default Is there still a techno hunt in Anchorage

    I haven't shot my bow since the mid 90'S I want to get started again. I used to shoot at the shop on Muldoon with a techno hunt but the shop is gone. Has the equipment changed alot in 12 years? How much would it cost me to get a fairly modern set up as mine was old in 95?
    Thanks for any help I can get.


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    I think Back Country Archary on Artic may have the Techo shoot. Have not been in there since moved to Eagle River and is quicker to go to Fletcher in Wasilla for help!

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    Go by and See Bill At Back Country, off of Artic. Tell him I said hello. He has a techno hunt and will hook you up with a newer bow, you'll be amazed at how they have improved in the last few years.


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    The techno hunt will also be offered at the Archers Den in Eagle River.

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    Default New set-up

    I was in a similar situation as far as old equipment and wanting to get modernized. My bow was circa 1984. I found a 2005 Bowtech at archery talk for 350. I decided to get a bare bow and put top of the line new components on it. I'm in about 600 bucks now and have a pretty nice set-up that should be good for years. I'd say if you are frugal you could get very well set-up for under $500.


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