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    Anyone have any experience with oil heater stoves? I have a military barracks heater. It runs off of kerosene and other fuels. Anyways, when I fire it up, it starts up fine per the directions that came with it (It was brand new) but as it gets warm, it starts to "growl" and the flame comes right up near the top, the pressure builds up and the lid sometimes pops up just a little. I've never run it more than 10 minutes as this problem is a little scary. I've even tried to run it on the lowest setting and it still does it. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Run, then run a little faster and further. I am like you. When fuel burning things start acting a little fun. If I was you I would call the company that makes it. Better safe then sorry.

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    Seems like the flame is traveling up and then either runs out of air or fuel, flames out then re-lights.... Any other ideas?

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    When you first light the stove try to keep the oil setting as low as possible until the stove and stack warm up and the draft is well established. Usually the problem you describe is the product of oil pooling in the bottom because the cold stack keeps the flame too low to keep up with the oil flow. As the stack and burner warm up the pooled oil burns well and you get the problem you're describing. There's no good way to get the stack warmed and the draft established quickly, you just need to be patient. The problem will probably be worse when the temps get colder, too. Lowe's and the stove stores all sell gelled alcohol fire starter. Get some. It'll help when the stack's really cold and the stove keeps trying to draft into the house. If you have a stack that wants to backdraft no matter what, open a window or door and the draft will usually go up the stack. Once it establishes you can close the window.

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    I've gotten the barrel portion of the stove almost orange ( I turned the heat off after that ) and I've also gotten the stack hot enough that I couldn't touch it for more than a second... I know the military uses these in their barracks so I know they are safe enough... just worried about the flame burning too close to the top and the pressure that builds up... I don't know the characteristics of these stoves and if this is normal or not....


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