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Thread: 15 hp merc needs new prop.

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    Default 15 hp merc needs new prop.

    I want to get a new Stainless prop for my 15 hp merc. What size I style should I get and where can i get a good price. I'll be using the push my 10 ft zodiac around on lakes and the little su and what not.


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    I wouldn't suggest a SS prop if you plan on using it on the rivers. An aluminum prop will fold and might just save you the expense of purchasing a shaft or two. If you are running a SS prop and hit bottom, which on the Little Sue is likely even going downstream you are just asking to spend alot more money on parts and a new SS prop. On a 15hp motor you most likely won't notice any difference in performance. On a 10' raft a 15hp motor will be more power than you will ever need so anything other than a standard prop isn't necessary. Just my .02 but I spent enough using a prop on the river once.

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    Default Well I saved money by

    A few years ago I chipped another prop in Seward and bought one made by Piranha.
    Every year I bought one because I played in rivers and the ocean with my inflatable. Well anyway there I was in Seward and it was the only place open so I bought one.
    It's blades are replacable, can change the pitch, change a blade very easy. Blades are $10 each, way cheaper than a new prop.
    I sell these things but not for profit to get rich I sell beacuse they saved me money. There is a lot of good info on there web site to, on how pitch works.

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    The nice thing about the Piranha is the ability to repitch without buying a second prop.

    I also have a 10' Zod with a Merc 15 currently have the stock prop back on it because I took all the blades out on my Piranha and have not bought replacements but will have it back for next summer. The ability to adjust the pitch at a moments notice is nice. I run solo to over a 1000 pounds and without the adjustability it would not be as fun as it is.


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