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Thread: Spotting deer. Zeiss diascope.

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    Default Spotting deer. Zeiss diascope.

    Hello. This question,I suppose, is directed mostly toward's sheep hunter's as they spend oodle's of time behind glass. I've got a Zeiss Diascope 65T*FL spotting scope with a steady tripod and was wandering if you thought it possible to view deer (brown) against snow 6 miles away. The area I plan to hunt I can view from 6 mile's away to look for pocket's of deer before commiting to a long climb on the wrong ridge. Where I am now I have no snow to test for myself. Thanks for any suggestions, Patrick.

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    Easy on snow, probably impossible with any glass at 6 miles without the snow. Zeiss glass has good enough color fidelity to pick out brown deer on brown grass at hunting ranges. You'll be happy you brought it.


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