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    Default Upper Kenai

    Gonna hit the upper Kenai tomorrow , wondering if anyone had any recent reports


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    I haven't fished the upper in about 3 weeks. The last time I fished it, the fishing was fairly slow but we did catch a few nice 'bows on flesh and some smaller fish on 8mm beads (washed out orange and tangerine). I spoke with a guy I know who used to live and guide up in Cooper Landing; he told me he talked to some people he knows up there and the refuge (Russian to Jim's) is dead. I haven't heard anything about the bridge down to the Russian but would imagine that stretch of water is fishing better than the refuge. I may hike in and fish the Canyon down to the mouth this weekend.

    We fished the middle on Sunday and caught some decent fish. If I were you, I'd float the middle but you gotta get out early as there's 11 miles of water between Skilak and Bing's and you need all the light you can get to fish the holes. We caught 4 or 5 rainbows in the low-mid 20s, 1 on a 6mm bead and the others on flesh. We caught some silvers on flesh but they were a bit blush so we tossed 'em back. I have heard a few chromers have been caught up there recently.

    Regardless of where you go, be sure to post where you go and how you do; it's always nice to hear how the fishing is. The picture below shows you the fly I used with some success.

    Best of luck!!!

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    Default last time on the kenai

    i was up there about a week and a half ago and about froze my hands off. i was even wearing gloves.... as soon as the line came out of the water it would freeze between our eyelids on our rods and make it so the line wouldnt move. we caught 4 nice bows and a couple dollies, but after that i put my boat up till next year. im curious to know how it goes....

    how long of a hike is it from jims to canyon... timewise and length.. i might just go do it this weekend...i imagine i should bring the .454?

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    A buddy and I fished it last week and caught a few nicer fish. Landed about 25 fish in about 4 hours. Small white flesh with red. Also tried out AKPM's prince nymph trailer and did decent. There is a fresh silver drop on the middle if you can stand the cold, alot of fun.


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