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Thread: Honda Outboards Beware

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    Default Honda Outboards Beware

    Just had to take my boat in to have 14 crank case bolts re-torqued. At 321 hours Honda refused to pick up the tab stating there were no defects found. To get it fixed the mechanic had to remove the entire lower unit and power head to get to all bolts.....if your buying in the future make sure you shop around.

    Motors in question were two BF200's

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    Default How'd you know?

    Shawn, I also have a BF200. What made you suspect a problem? Was it Honda, or the dealer that refused your claim??

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    Default Honda

    The dealer was great it was customer service that didn't want/didn't cover it. The tip was a small amount of oil on my swim step that kept getting bigger and bigger.


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