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Thread: Looking for some knowledge and recommendations for winter hunts

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    Default Looking for some knowledge and recommendations for winter hunts

    Me and a couple of friends are set to return from Iraq at the end of Nov-beginning of Dec. We were wanting to get our hunt on for some moose or really anything edible. Archery preferably but rifle would be OK too. Mainly just wanting to get back into better wildlife than we have had for the last year +. We were looking at the RM764 or RM 785 hunts, is this a worthwhile adventure? We've looked at the maps we have of the area (AK Atlas & Gazetteer) and the ADF&G maps we could pull up. Looks like a good area, we're just not sure about the time of year. Is there a good likliehood of seeing moose and getting within shooting distance? We're not sure how much time we'll have to spend in the woods, figuring three-four days, I'm pretty sure the wife will not be too happy if I come back after 15 months and disappear for another week or two. Although she might be understanding (not likely) since the last three hunt seasons were washouts because of job commitments.

    Any help would be appreciated. Not looking for someones honey hole, just a nudge in the general area of success. Thanks.


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    I plan on doing the RM764. That time of year the best access to the area is going to be by snow machine.

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    Default A couple options

    A couple options would be; Give the Haul road a try for Bou with a bow. It may be a bit cold, but worth a try. You could chase the 40-mile herd around Chicken or Circle. You could also try to get an antlerless moose in the Tannana flats. Those are the first that come to mind.


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