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    Default Emergency Personal Locator

    Emergency Personal Locator (ACR)

    I am considering getting one of these for future trips to lower 48 and AK. Obviously this is a last resort and will not substitute for inexperiance or lack of planning.

    How realible are they and do they work, and does the proper authority respond quickly or are they used to false signals and take their time?

    It would make my wife a lot more comfortable when I leave for 1-2 weeks trips.

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    Default Just bought one

    Make sure you get the one with GPS locator. The cheaper one will use GPS but you have to hook up an external GPS to show your location. I don't know about you, but when I need I don't need to be fumbling around for a cable and my GPS.

    I got mine here in Kodiak from Joycraft Marine...great guy. I do a lot of bow hunting by my self so it's a cheap investment, plus I can write it off on my business for boat charters.

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    I would definetly get the GPS built in. Good idea.

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    Default Get gps...

    I got the ACR with gps. Really like the new, smaller, model. Sharp. I wouldnt even consider the model without it. I contacted ACR about these units before buying for the same concerns you have Don. The monitoring system was very impressive. Air Force I believe. Cant remember. But it isnt like some fat chick is in someones garage in Phoenix eating a bon-bon watching a monitor. It is a federal deal. They get the info form the satellite and call appropriate rescue (depends on where you are). Local search and rescue vs. military basically. In most of Alaska, I suspect you would hear a Blackhawk chopper if you set off your ACR. I consider them to be great tools. A last resort for sure, but great to have. You just never know. Check out their website for more information and contact numbers. Call them and have them address your concerns. Their website is

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    Default Acr Plb

    I did a fair amount of research and talked with some of the same guys that are posting here now... Read thru ACR's web sight. Read thru these links as well...

    If in Anchorage swing by or call Eagle Enterprise on International.. Very knowledgeable... There are others here locally that carry it but I was impressed with E.E. knowledge. They had an ACR rep here at the sportsman's show...

    If you happen to watch hunting shows you may have caught the episode where Tred Barta was hunting somewhere in Canada. After his hunt and just prior to loading up he shot a promo commercial for his ACR. When the commercial taping was done he walked over to the dock where they were loading the float plane when the Canadian Mounties flew overhead in a Coast guard style helicopter. Turns out he had accidentally turned on the unit when he was demonstrating how you would deploy it... Or so he says...

    I bought one of ACR's units to take along in my boat, floats, drop off's and walk-ins...

    It's great peace of mind... I've never had to use it but have complete confidence that it will work if needed.

    Good luck

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    Default ACR

    There is an ACR with GPS on craigslist today. I think they were asking about $550. Good deal.


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