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    I was down looking at the new Yammy big bear this weekend and I had a thought. I have a 04 big bear and it doesn't have the front diff lock like the new ones. I wonder is I could put a diff lock in my 04? Anyone have any thought on that.

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    I would look towards a detriot gearless locker, or maybe a spool locker, and a warn 424 select. I would imagine that route would be simplier than swamping a compatible differential.

    If you did swamp differentials would you need new axles? Would the new axles fit your hubs and/or knuckles. If you needed new knuckles would it fit your a-arms? It's a lot to think about. Then you would have to worry about the electronic diff engagement the yamaha's sport. That's a lot of trouble for true 4 wheel drive.


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