Dear Forum;

I am wondering if anybody has any information on the Hole-In-the-Wall Glacier Ram that was shot in the late 1980's.
Supposedly it was shot near the hole-in-the-wall glacier near the Nizina River. The guy who was from Anchorage who shot it had a picture of the ram and a park ranger seemed to remember the spot from the glacier. He went to the location and found evidence of the dead dall sheep which was in hard park. The hunter was busted and the National Park Service confiscated the ram and had it mounted in its Copper Center Head Quarters.
I believe it was 46X42 1/2X14 5/8X14 6/8.
The sheep was painted and used in a series of postcards and posters that are found all over.
Two years after the NPS had it in its headquarters there was a breakin and the ram was taken. It has never been found or seen again.
It was rumored to have been hauled over to Germany but nobody has found anything about it and you won't find anything on this case on the Internet or in other records.

I just wonder if anybody else knows about this story.