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Thread: old sears shotgun and steel.

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    Default old sears shotgun and steel.

    If I have a IC choke setting and use sleel shot with extra protective wads, what do you think the outcome will be if I choose steel in my old sears shotgun.

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    Default Model 200

    I have an old Sears Model 200 12ga that has been in my family for years. My future brother inlaw came here to Alaska a few years back and I let him use that shotgun during duck season. It is only chambered in 2 3/4 inch and has the fixed IC choke and did just fine with factory 2 3/4 inch steel shot. I dont know the condition of your weapon but mine handled it just fine and even killed some quackers. If you do some research on the gun I do beleive I saw somewhere that the Sears shotguns (Model 200) are the same Winchester 1200 based receivers therefore will accept the barrels. I never pursued trying to switch the barrels so dont know if they would work. Just a thought if you wanted to be able to switch out your chokes. If you do however pursue it let me know the outcome.


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