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    Anyone float Birch creek off the Steese Hwy? looking to do a float hunt there next year. Any info would be great!

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    never had herad people that have

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    AKFisher 1 Check hunting forum some informaiton.

    If you do not find your answer shot me a P.M I will give you the break down.

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    Cool Birch Creek Float Trip

    I floated Birch Creek once in 2003 for 10 days while hunting moose. It is a really scenic float during the fall and there was nothing above class 2 water but if we did get alot of rain and the water did turn pretty swift but nothing bad. We had a pontoon and a 12ft inflatable canoe and had no problems. We put in along the Steese and took out on the other side of Circle Hot springs. We did not harvest a moose but seen sign and others who were lucky and the fishing was not as good as I expected. You may also want to get in touch with someone at Beaver Sports in Fairbanks they may know someone how has done the river since myself. I heard in the summer it gets pretty shallow from the put in to where the small creek dumps into Birch Creek. I also mapped my entire float out on, marked checkpoints along the way on printed out versions and used my GPS to track my location and speed. Good luck and feel free to give me a shout if you need anything.


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