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    Anyone float Birch creek off the Steese Hwy? looking to do a float hunt next September. Anyone with info pm me Thanks!

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    Should be a fairly straight forward float. Watch the water levels though as you could end up doing a bit of dragging. Conversly, water levels can flucuate (sp?) very quickly especially after heavy rain up in the hills. We saw both extremes. In the 24 hours after a really hard rain the river rose at least 3 feet. We were standing on a gravel bar and could actually see the river come up. Pretty cool, except all the floating debris in the water made it pretty frustrating as we had to stop to pull grass or birch bark of the intake grate on the jet foot every 5 minutes or so. Prior to the high water though, there were a couple of riffles that required some pretty fancy jet boating to slide over.
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    Default Birch Creek

    Quite a bit of information has been posted about Birch Creek in yeas past. You'll find more by doing a search. Good luck,



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