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Thread: Heavy barreled Rem 700 in 375 H&H

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    Default Heavy barreled Rem 700 in 375 H&H

    I've been looking at a blued Rem/700 in 375 H&H it has a heavy barrel and iron sights.
    It's used and showes it, but the bore is in great condition. They are asking $550.
    I googled it and found that Remington made a heavy barrel version in this caliber in 1996. Does anyone have anything they can add about this rifle. I made the mistake of picking it up while purchasing a box of ammo the other day...I now have it on layaway.

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    I've shot a left handed M700 375 H&H for over 20 years. Conservatively I'll estimate over 5000 rounds through it with no loss of accuracy that I can determine, but a whole lot of dents and dings. No, Remington never made a LH 375 H&H, rather this is a simple rebarrel that matches the original barrel contour in the original stock.

    Because my barrel is only 22" long and keeps the original contour, it's very light. The rifle weighs just an ounce or so over 8 pounds with a scope. And mostly I use it with no scope, bringing it down to a little less than 7 pounds.

    Yeah, from the bench it kicks like an Arkansas mule without the scope, and it's only a little tamer with the scope. Kind of like a Texas mule, I guess. But it shoots so well and is such a delight to carry! I put a 25 pound bag of shot between me and it on the bench and all is forgiven. But except for sight-in, I shoot it offhand. And it's great fun to shoot offhand!

    I've thought many times about going to a heavier barrel or bedding lead into the forend to tame it a bit, but then I carry it into the hills and bless its light weight. That's why it's got so many dents and dings.

    The one and only hassle I've had with it explains the thing that makes it most distinctive- There's a strip of duct tape from one side of the stock to the other across the floor plate. That's because especially without a scope, recoil is bad enough that about half the time the floorplate release pops and drops the rounds on the ground. Embarassing! And maybe dangerous. I have never decided if it's a problem with the release or if it's from my trigger finger hitting the release during recoil, but the bruise on the back of my trigger finger is a pretty good clue.

    I keep meaning to simply pin the floor plate closed and do away with the release entirely, but the duct tape works and I'm kinda used to seeing it. If you squint your eyes a little it sorta goes with the worn bluing.

    Enough of all that. I think you'll love the gun, no matter what the bashers say about CRF. Like I said, mine has no less than 5000 rounds through it and probably a lot more, and I've never had a feeding failure.


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