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    I have never had the opportunity to fish this late in the year and i am looking for some ideas on where i could find some decent/good fly fishing for some rainbows, dollies, grayling or whatever. i can deal with the cold and since i have some time off for the next couple weeks i wanted to get just a little more fishing in for the year. I would also appreciate any information on what flies/gear to use at what locations. Thanks!

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    Default by grapevine only

    I heard from a trustworthy friend that the inlet and outlet of Skilak are still very good with flesh flies. Safest thing is to hike from Jim's with a couple of buddies to the inlet. Use a light weight float tube at the mouth. Everyone states the boating across the lake is too risky now. Others have told me to pack plenty of shotgun slugs for the bears.

    I wish I could go-not a great trip with three little kids. The outlet of Kenai lake still fishes fair for big bows-but too many people fish it.


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