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Thread: Cordova area, late spring

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    Default Cordova area, late spring

    My father and I are in the planning process for a trip in late spring 08. Our primary interest is isolation so we're planning on flying in to a FS cabin. Cordova seems like a good base and we've kinda targeted a FS cabin east of there. Salmon would NOT be our primary target; I think we'd be just as happy catching trout & dollys (and our rigs from fishing in NC are more appropriate to that). I certainly wouldn't MIND catching an occasional salmon, but we'd rather catch lots of average sized dollys. We will be almost exclusively fly fishing.
    From what I gather, there's good dolly fishing early on before the salmon run, then it slackens a bit before the salmon run begins when they really start to key in on the eggs. Is that about on target?
    If we were to stay at the Martin Lake FS cabin towards the end of May or beginning of June would we be in fairly good shape fishing & isolation wise? Is it safe to assume that the lake would be clear of ice by then?
    I believe this is in an area where trout fishing is prohibited during the time we'll be there. My reading of this is that trout harvesting is prohibited and any caught trout must be released, or are there actual trout-specific fishing activities that are prohibited?

    Are there other areas of the state we should consider for good spring trout & dolly fishing paired with isolation (especially if they're a little drier)? We're willing to fly in to places, no problem, but it should probably be a relatively short flight from a town with commercial air service from the lower 48 just to keep our costs down a little. The FS cabins work well for us as we're not interested in a catered lodge or anything of that sort and we'd like to stay in one place for a week instead of floating a river or something like that.

    Many thanks.

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    I'd look at South East alaska, lots of dollies and cutts when the smolt are out migrating plus there are enough dollies to keep a few. I'd look at Hasselburg lake and creek, I think there is a forest service cabin there.

    If you are releasing fish especially cutts DO NOT USE BAIT cutts have a 75% realease mortality with bait and dollies have about a 30% release mortality with bait. (bait is illegal most of the time in SE, not too familiar with cordova).
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    Default Martin Lake

    Martin lake, can be hit and miss for that time of year, for ice out, if it's a hard winter you will find it ice-ed up. May is early for salmon, could find a few early running Reds, you will always find Dollies and cutts, but I feel that a motor is needed to get around and get to the tribs and fish for Mackinaw, I don't fish Martin early only in the Fall...... Late Aug- Sept..Wild life will be coming out at that time of year, you would see likely see mother and cubs, moose, goats up top and many ground critters, my self being one, but not much else....hope this helps.


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