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Thread: Best Hunting rig

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    Default Best Hunting rig

    I've done the Plane, the river boat, the 4 Wheeler, the float trip. Not sure if I can decide on the better of the bunch. If you all had a choice every year what would it be. I have not done the track rig, but any and all thoughts on this topic are needed. Good lord I am tired of getting skunked on Moose. (HA) thanks. Jeff

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEFFSTER View Post
    I've done the Plane, the river boat, the 4 Wheeler, the float trip. Jeff
    Me too, as well as 2 & 3 Wheelers, Dory, Ocean Boat, Airboat and Backpack. Bar none, The Airboat has proven to be the best hands down.

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    Smile Easy Choice

    So easy for me. I would take a boat I could sleep on and hunt the Koyukuk River every year I had left. I have done my share of moose packing, ATV's and wall tents and I will use them all again. Unless I draw another Koyukuk tag or someone in my family does!

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    For me it is an easy choice as I wouldn't mess with success. I have ran the same boat since 1980 and have hauled more moose and fish than I can remember. It doesn't look the same today as it did in 1980 but it performs as new. It out ranges any ATV and so far it has never fallen out of the sky. It has cruised most of Prince William Sound an ran more rivers than I can name. Life is good!

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    Post FYI-

    Not to high-jack the thread: just to add some info.

    We were about 34-ish miles down the Rex Trail this year (with track-rigs) and a Helicopter flew by; Low and following the trail closely. While they couldn't land where we were camped, they (DNR) did land at camps before and after us and issued warnings.

    The warning was- Next year all unpermitted vehicles over 1,500 lbs. will be ticketed. Apparently they said this was taking affect all over the state. I havent seen these laws for myself or seen what all lands this will include but something is coming......... and it may be putting a damper on some peoples choice of offroad rigs. (The problem seems to be big trucks and ruts)

    For your question on vehicles. Track rigs can carry a lot of weight, have low ground pressure, will go about anywhere, but they do require a lot of attention.

    I think this is a good thread and am anxious to see what everybody's opinion is bescause I think I may be changing my means of transportation.

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    Default track rig

    If in swampy country there is no better than a 110 Nodwell. You can haul lots of gear and it goes most anywhere. As with all things it has limits you can't go in rocky areas (unless you like turning wrenches). When you get stuck you better have another Nodwell along.

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    It is my humble opinion only that I add this. Alaska is a diverse land to say the least. The best boat on the Deshka is not the best boat on the Delta. I've done the Swede lake trail to the Jack rabbit hills. I have done the Rex and all around Clear. I have hunted Kodiak and 60 Air miles south of Aniak. I have hunted the Big Sue between both landings and then south of Deshka landing. I have taken a boat all the way to Kings Bay and killed a nice bear. The only thing I have not tried was horses. **** I needed them for 2007, LOL this forum is loaded with folks that are in the know. I thank you one and all on this topic. I am at my wits end. Jeff

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    Default BESTEST Hunting rig???? HMMMMM?

    I'm assuming you are referring to moose hunting cause a riverboat would be my last choice for sheep and I would consider a 36 ft. ocean boat not so good for moose.

    I have done canoe, riverboat, horse, foot, airplane, pickup, snowmobile, 4-wheeler, argo, hydro-trax, and big track rigs. They were all fun. Some were more work than others. Some required large tool boxes while others required large leg and/or arm muscles. The beauty of Alaska is the diverseness and the ability to travel to a lot of different areas and experience the many different types of terrain.

    It is a tough call to narrow down one mode of transportation. But since you asked it I would have to go with an airplane. .02 worth.

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    AK4Life and others with track rigs. Instead of ditching your current mode of transportation, why not become involved in the decision making process. I am gathering info and contacts and will post numbers and e-mail addresses of who to contact to get involved. I don't like it when a user group is prohibited access specially when the info is bogus and only a few bad apples are spoiling it for the whole group. The "laws" they speak of are actually guidelines and we all need to act now or lose out.

    I've always liked track rigs, but boats sure can access a lot of country. The problem is you still need two different boats for differents areas! My choice right now would be a track rig. For where I want to go it would use less fuel than where I would want to take a jetboat.

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    your feet and a good pack
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Talking Best Hunting Rig?

    The best hunting rig is always a friends rig, so yours donest get damaged!
    Alaska Wildrose Charters and Cabins

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    Default Alaskan Toy's

    We all know that it takes numerous types of equipment to hunt alaska. I have 4 wheelers, a sled, a 14" Zodiac, and a airplane. It would be like saying, what is the best Rifle for Alaska. Its all Depends which part of this beautiful state your hunting in(Swamp, Tundra, or the mountains, or snow)I say the man who lives a long life and dies with the most toys wins. And I agree it's alot cheaper to have your friend pay to repair his gear, oh, got to run because I have replace my prop seal on my Champ.


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    As far as the 1500 lb limits I to was concerned as I just bought a weasel (track rig) so I called numerous biologist and the consensus was the same. The rule was made ONLY for the tier II hunt and alot of this years rules will not be applied to next years hunt. Its my understanding that the ahtna corp. was bi**hing the big rigs were pushing all of the game to far back. I asked what us buggy/track rig guys to do to help or prevent this from becoming the norm on a harvest hunt, they said i most likely wont be a issue. to me if they outlawed all rigs over 1500 lbs there would be a class action lawsuit I would think, thats like saying all hunters who have planes cant use them in a harvest hunt.

    The warning was- Next year all unpermitted vehicles over 1,500 lbs. will be ticketed
    the DNR does require a over 1500 lb permit get that and your legal

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    Good boots!

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    4 wheeler, an Argo, a Levitator, horses, good boots, and an airplane......and not neccessarily in that order.

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    Boots and pack are great but Logistics dictate otherwise. I am all about heading out with pack once you are where you want to be. If you pack in 10 miles , shoot a moose and pack out, You are a better man than I .

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    Since money is no object, I'd vote for the airplane.

    You'll see more area, have access to more units, and, you can always haul a raft along with you.

    You have a big state under your feet.
    "...just because we didn't agree with you doesn't mean we didn't have good discussion. It just means you missed it." -JMG-

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    Default Hey!

    Quote Originally Posted by ak_powder_monkey View Post
    your feet and a good pack
    What about using your own feet AKPM?
    Hows the deer hunting going anyway?

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    Default Airboats are cats Meow

    With the new technology, airboats allow you to go where the moose are and the hunters are not. I have done fly in, boat in, ride in etc.
    -flying in...Still a lot distance to pack meat back to the plane
    -Three wheelers and four wheelers ...Lots of hunters in area
    -Jet Boats.....Water drops to fast during hunting season , and worry about freezing in
    -Track vehicles tear up to much ground, I kinda believe you should leave it as you found it

    Airboats don't tear up the swamps, don't care if it freezes or how shallow the water is

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    I have hunted with an atv, jet boat, airboat, track rig, and on my own two feet. I've also had people with argos in camp. My favorite by far was the airboat. I've been to places in an airboat that no other means of transportation would take me.

    Tracks rigs require too much maintenance for my taste, but they work well when they run. The time I have spent in the mud and in the garage working on a track rig would have been better spent riding to camp on an atv.

    To this day I still wish I had access to an airboat.

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