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    I was looking for a backpack that would be comfortable and extremely comfortable to wear while snowmaching and after some research online I ended up buying a Badlands 2800 pack. I wanted it to ride nice on my back while riding but also have enough pockets to put .410 shells in a small pocket, a contender in the main pouch, enough space for a thermos, snacks, and overnight survival gear for those just in case times where you never know when you'll be forced to spend the night.

    Anyone have any experience with this pack as far as versitility, comfort to wear, and duarability. Of course this is kind of pointless being that it is already paid for and on its way to my P.O. box but I'd be interested if anyone else can say anything about these packs.


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    Overall a good little pack. I've had the 2800 and 4500 for a few years and I'll typically grab the 2800 for day hunts. Very comfy on the back, doesn't breath very well in 50+ temps while climbing. Should be rally good for riding.


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    The 2800 is a super pack! I have one of the originals and It has been everywhere and done everything. The new version has lost the top pouch which was very handy and a great place for a gps. Once you develop a system for packing, you wont leave home without it. I have a rectangular lightwieght duffle that I put in the between the "bat wings". In this I carry sleeping bag, bivy sack, sleeping pad, stove/fuel, food and cooking gear. Then when I get to camp site I drop this off and hunt with the pack on. It's been a great system. I have carried out 100+ pounds of meat with this pack and felt very stable and no sign of wear on the pack. Once you get your system down, you,ll also love this pack.



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