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Thread: Fairbanks Bear Bait Stands

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    Default Fairbanks Bear Bait Stands

    I am already planning for spring bear bait season

    Does anyone have any luck doing Black Bear Baiting in the Fairbanks area. I know people like to keep their sites secret (totally understood). I ended up setting up stands way out the Fairbanks area towards Delta. Set up one in the Fairbanks area with no luck...bears not even circling around the stand...ended up being a bad area I thought.

    I was considering heading upstream the Salcha and setting up a stand off of the Salcha. Anyone have any info about the area and bear baiting?


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    I sent you a pm......

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    Default Fairbanks

    It seems that the Fairbanks are would be har to bait as youhave to be a mile from a residence and 1/4 from a road or maintained trail. It has to be a nightmare trying to be within the law in such an area.
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    Watch the Salcha, there are alot of cabins up there and you have to be 1 mile from them. You can get bears in the Fai area, just be prepared to compete with others. Good luck

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    I hunt the Fairbanks area and the closest registered bait stand was a little over 10 miles. You just have to be willing to drive, walk, or 4-wheel further than the other guy.


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