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Thread: Caribou in 16B?

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    Default Caribou in 16B?

    Looking to find out if anyone knows wether or not the carbou over in unit 16B travel south of the Skwenta near trimble or hayes river area?

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    Talking Caribou on the SKW

    I have seen caribou at the headwaters of the Skwentna
    on the mountains that separate the upper Skwentna and the Styx River.
    I was thinking they called them the Emerald Creek herd, but I might be wrong on that. They seem to run back and forth between the rivers over a
    few passes. They are neat to see though. There are some
    guide type camps on the Styx for Moose and Sheep every year
    so I'll bet one or two get shot occasionally. But not often.
    Hope this helps. PS one of the prettiest spots on the earth too.

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    Default Not me...

    I've been the area some (not a lot), and have not seen caribou there. Bears yes, caribou no.



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