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    Default North Slope Caribou

    Due to a limited time frame for my upcomming trip, I was wondering if anyone has some good info on the Caribou herd on the North Slope? Is the herd West of the highway yet? Is it worth the trip (from Fairbanks)?

    Thanks in advance for the info

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    Someone posted a thread within the last few days saying that they were succesful last week. I don't know the details, but I think there are also pictures in the photo gallery that were posted on Monday (or so).

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    Thumbs up Road/Boo conditions

    Got back Fri, roads were good. Temps -5 to 25, winds 5-20, overall pretty nice for Oct. Plenty of boo, but walking required. Very few close to the road. Good # headed S on hills behind PS3 on Fri afternoon.

    Where they'll be by this Fri......who knows, they're boo and they wander the tundra aimlessly tormenting those of us who are addicted to pursuing them with a string and a stick!!!

    Freezing rain on arrows/strings does get interesting though... And be careful, my clothes froze to the ground while laying still in 1 spot for an hour on my last stalk!! Makes for good stories....

    Have fun and stay warm.



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