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    I know there are a few of you guys out there. I was wondering which calls did your FX3 come loaded with? All Predators can pre-load 32 calls into any FX3 purchased from them, but the lead time is a month and a half. I am interested to hear if the FX3 comes loaded with calls that are worthless here in Alaska. ie. elk, mt lion, coons, and crow calls.

    Has anyone used these with a decoy?

    Any other general comments about the FX3?

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    I own an older Johnny Stewart call and the only sounds I have found to be useful for predator hunting is the Jack Rabbit distress sound. With the FoxPro you might want to try the Bear calls. I ordered the handheld Bear call from and it is a nice tool.

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    Why not order direct from FoxPro? The lead time is not bad at all now and you can get what you want. I ordered mine that way. Most of the pre-loaded calls on the FX3 will work here but it is nice to get a few of the customs. You can always download what you want on-line.


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