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Thread: Gull Rock trail

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    Default Gull Rock trail

    Was wondering if anyone biked this trail over the summer or hiked it. How are the coditions normally. Is the trail mainly up hill, how long will it take to get to Big Indian Creek. Thanks

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    I never biked it but hike it usually in the spring. The trail (well as of last spring) hasn't been maintained past Gull Rock. By Alaskan bushwack standards its pretty easy hiking for a while after that. Getting to Indian Creek, Hmm, I am not sure since we haven't done it.

    the trail itself is pretty easy hiking, some ups and downs particularly around the creeks, but mainly flat since it follows the coast line.

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    Smile Getting To the root of the Problem!!!!!

    Great trail to Gull Rock but there are some roots in the last third. After that it's BUSHWACKIN! Fun trip. See if you can find the horse drawn grader near Gull Rock.
    Good luck!


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