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Thread: Mosquito fork of the Fortymile river

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    Default Mosquito fork of the Fortymile river

    Anybody out there ever tried float hunting this river? How was the success? How long of a float did it take? Was there plentiful game available or few and far between?

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    Default Float

    I've never done that float but if you check the archives, it has been discussed several times. As I remember, success was not great.

    Good hunting.

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    Default What are the archives?

    What are the archives? How do I access them?


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    Bush, right above on the right hand side click the search button and type in whatever your searching for just like google.

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    Default Right on. Thanks.

    Please excuse my ignorance. I will check them out.

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    Hunted the Misquito fork last year. Floated from the bridge down to Obrien Creek. Didn't kill anything, saw a few small bulls. Lots of sign on the first park of the river. If I ever float it again I won't bother floating below Chicken. We camped the first night only down river a mile or so from the put in and that ended up being the most sign we saw the entire trip.

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    Default Thanks Colodan

    I appreciate the info. Are you going again next year?


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