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Thread: First Skijor--picture :)

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    Default First Skijor--picture :)

    Sunday we got our first skijor of the season in. kind of nice to get the dogs going again. You never have to ask them LOL not much snow but enough to keep the skis off the rocks.

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    Way cool! Where are you? Man, I wish we had that much snow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bushrat View Post
    Way cool! Where are you? Man, I wish we had that much snow.
    The Kanchorage...that's up near Glen Alps trailhead of Chugach State Park.

    we been out 5 days now. Dogs can do 8 miles dragging the last mile or so. Or should I put that dragging my fat arse those 8 miles LOL.

    there is skiable--skijorable--mushing snow up at hatcher's pass as well. We climbed up over the pass from the lodge, down into the creek and up onto a ridge above a mine. There is probably 12 inches at the Independence mine and lots more as you go higher.


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