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Thread: Sportsman 6x6 chain adjustment

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    Default Sportsman 6x6 chain adjustment

    I just purchased a 2000 model polaris 6x6 and could not find a manual that shows how to adjust the chain tension. What is your guys techniques for doing this? Shortcuts, tricks, etc? Mine seems quite the way I'm running tracks also. Is there a difference in adjusting a 2000 model versus a newer one?
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    My '04 adjusts pretty easily and quickly. It takes a 5/8" end wrench, a 11/16" socket, a 1/2" end wrench, and a large pair of channel locks.

    For the middle axle (front drive chain) -

    Loosen the two bolts that tighten up the eccentric on the middle axle with the 5/8 and 11/16 (don't know why the bolt is a different size than the nut...), and then loosen the mounting plate for the brake (two 1/2 bolts). Use the channel locks to grab the eccentric and rotate it till the tension is appropriate (maximum 3/8 - 1/2" slack at any point in the chain) then tighten the 4 bolts back up.

    Rear chain is easier yet -

    Simply loosen the two bolts on the rear eccentric and change tension with the channel locks. Tighten bolts up and you are done.

    Make sure and keep the chain lubed several times a season as well!

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    Thanks Mud.....that definitly helps. I knew it was too loose and I was able to find some newer manuals. They are similiar in their adjustments.

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    Default Chain adjustment

    I bought a sink wrench from Wall Mart to adjust the concentrics on the axcels. Works great thin and easy to store in my ammo cans.
    You have to keep the bolts very tight to keep the chain from loosening. If your chain will not tighten it has stretched and will need to be replaced. IMO

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    Default adjusting chain

    I use a chain wrench and throw it over the back axle and tighten the chain that way. It seems to work better then the channal locks. Be ready when it starts slipping and making noise stop and tighten it or you can break a sprockit! Chef

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    Default Great thread on chains

    I have a couple of the 6X6's. The chians were problems until I figured out how to adjust. Use the wrenches above and a big pair of channel locks, and your good to go. A word of caution, as noted above.. tighten them as soon as you hear them clanking. THe second thing I battled with for awhile till I got smart was that you need to change out the bolts once in awhile also. I couldn't keep em tight, and fought and fought... until i figured out that the bolts seemed to be tightening, but weren't because they were stretched or galled out.

    One time at Eureka, the front chain broke, then broke a hole in the gear housing. I was able to limp out 5 miles on front wheel drive, which was a challenge up and down those hills. Cost me 1000 bux to the dealer to fix that mishap.

    BTW..I'm putting a 2004 6X6 up for sale in the next couple of weeks. 5500 or best offer.
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