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Thread: Board of Game education (wanted)?

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    Default Board of Game education (wanted)?

    So who wants to give me the 101 on how these groups work and the process to make things happen? Also how many meeting do they have? How many people attend? How many people are on the BOG? How many F&G committees are there? Does the board really listen or do they have their mind already made up?

    Fish & Game Advisory Committee

    Board of Game

    Are there more?

    So how does one make a proposal? I would like to propose a black powder only sheep hunting area. How would I do this? With all the talent in this forum we should be able to whip one out rather quickly.

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    Default ADF&G Boards Support

    Sorry I don't have the time right now to take you through the Alaska Boards of Fisheries and Game process right now. But you can start on your own by going to the State of Alaska website, then from there to the Department of Fish & Game, then from there to ADF&G Boards Support.

    And yes I believe the Boards listen, always your best changes are to take your suggestions to a F&G Advisory Committee first, ask for their support.

    Glad you asked, I'm sure others will help you participate in the most open to the public process of fish and game management in the world.

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    Didn't you know that everything you needed to know in life you learned in Kindergarten....................or it's now available on the internet?

    Talk with the area bio for the area you want to propose your special weapons hunt.
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    Default Get smart

    As M.Trapper said, talk with that areas biologist. If there are both state and federal lands, talk to both sides.
    Look for hunt results and success ratios from other black powder hunts in the state. If there are no sheep hunts, compare moose or other black powder hunts to non-black powder hunts in the same area.
    Look for information from outside the state. Maybe another state has done the same thing.
    Ask for archive information. Perhaps somebody else has already made a similar proposal in the past. Learn from their efforts. Find out who is on the advisory council. Find ways to garner their support.
    Get your friends involved. One person might not get noticed, a room full of guys all hollering for the same thing might. It doesn't matter if they hunt with black powder or not, just get them there.
    Leave yourself room to negotiate. Give them something to negotiate with also.
    You are doing exactly what I have been advocating people in ANC (bowl area moose) and Kenai (early/late season bowhunt) do. Best of luck.

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    I am on a F&G Advisory Committee, just started this fall. Meetings are open to the public. BOG meeting is in Bethel next month. BOF is in December in Anchorage.
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    Start here, tv.

    On the left side you'll see links labeled "The Process". Those are your BOG 101 course.

    Here's a tip from Mark:

    I avoid the meetings. I just don't have time, it can get your blood boiling to hear some of what is said, and you have a 3 minute speaking limit, anyway (if you get on the list to speak at all, anyway).

    I participate by mail. It becomes part of the record, you aren't limited in your presentation, and you have time to carefully craft your words.

    I also don't submit many proposals, but I comment on many proposals that make it to the agenda. Primarily, I comment negatively on the proposals I think will be harmful, and comment with praise on those I support.

    Just for the record, I've received several phone calls regarding my comments/proposals from BOG members from around the state, and thus got some pleasurable, constructive, one/on/one conversations with these folks.

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    Default AC meeting tonite

    If you have tonite free (wednesday the 17) at 7 pm in the MTA building in Palmer, the Mat-Su Valley Advisory Committee meets. Its a great chance to see the grassroots part of the process, and ask questions of the AC members. We're all just normal schmucks who volunteered our time to participate, so don't feel embarrassed to approach anyone on the AC to chat and figure out the process.


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