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Thread: Fishing Kodiak?

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    Default Fishing Kodiak?

    My inlaws want to come back up next summer and would like to fish Kodiak. I have never been there and would like any info you guys have. They want to target halibut. They will be comeing in late july or early Aug. unless I tell them different. Im looking for a charter that is well respected so that we dont end up with an inexperienced person like this last summer in seward. Thanks for any info.
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    One of the best places in the world to fly fish for halibut! Kodiak is one in a million
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    Default Kodiak Summer...

    Late July/early August is Kodiak perfect. Halibut abound; there is tremendous ease in reaching them due to your being on an island. The largest run of reds at Saltery also peaks at that time. Dolly Varden are keep 10 and are all over the place. This time is also the best in terms of the least amount of percipitation.

    Kodiak Fishing at Any Angle is the bookstore on this site and there is even a free chapter for you to read.

    Start planning now, and reserve way ahead. The Emerald Isle is an absolute charmer and can be had without great cost if you know the way...

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    Default Great Choice

    Kodiak isn't like any other place in Alaska. Our run times for Halibut are only 30-50 minutes at most, unlike other places you have to run 3 hours. Do to our short runs, we can target salmon and halibut all in one trip.

    Make sure you call around early since we usually book 4-6 months out.


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