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    Pics are in the hunting gallery.

    Sep 19 2007
    Nothing huge but a good meat bull. Not allot of big bulls to speak of this year on the Haul Road had to work hard this year-every stalk was usually at least 1 mile out. We got this one about 1.5 miles off the road. I shot him at 65 yards and punctured a lung before the arrow exited low. Pretty easy pack out. We got it out in one trip no problem.

    Oct 9th
    Ok got me another Bull. Hit this one a little far back but got his liver so he went down after 100 yards. Shot him 1 Ĺ miles from the road by Pump Station 2. Didnít even see this guy until my hunting partner OT pointed him out to me. Was able to sneak/walk around him at 200 yards and get into a drainage ditch and get within about 120 yards from him. He got to 77 yards until I got busted. He continued to feed for a minute but was aware of me the whole time. I finally ranged him again at 77 and went to full draw; he stopped broadside and I hit him back in the liver. Was a good hunt and OK pack out. Good trip with temperatures ranging from -5 to 25 for the week. The Bulls still didnt look to be in full rut yet. Still fighting for cows and position in the herds. Many little satellite herds off the big packs that helped allot as didn't have allot of eyes on you during stalks. I am sure I will get a few questioning the distance of the shots but trust me I went up good to 80 with no problems. Would have preferred the 40 yard shot but after 4 days 60 - 80 seemed to be about all I could sneak too.
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