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Thread: Anyone know Fred O'hearn in Kodiak

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    Default Anyone know Fred O'hearn in Kodiak

    A friend drew a Fall Kupreanof Pen Brown bear tag and was referred to a fella named Fred O'hearn that guides that area anyone have anything good or bad to say about him.

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    i guided with fred for several years over in kizuyak, not sure how his outfitt is over the on kup, but he's a go getter and knows bears. dirty ol' sailor is what he is, smokes and drinks and loves his vocabulary he learned out commercial fishing, but good in the woods, i'd trust him with my back in the woods.
    i think sam rohrer might be licensed for that area as well, not positive, but he's a good egg too.

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    I hope you went with Sam instead. O'Hearn is a laughing stock amongst bear guides around Kodiak.


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