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Thread: 338-300 WSM Ballistics

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    Default 338-300 WSM Ballistics

    Does anyone have any ballistic info for the 338-300 WSM cartridge? I haven't found anything on the net that gives good information. Thanks for your help.

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    Default .338/.300 wsm

    Found online at Ammoguide
    A great resource I just discovered.
    And just minutes ago while there, I discovered the .338/.300 WSM ...
    I am looking at AR 10 platform rifles, and started with the .308...that lead me to the .338 Federal, which looks great. Then I wound up in Armalite who produces AR 10 in that round...oops there is the .300 WSM...better look.
    Obviously, if the .338 Federal makes great sense...I checked to see if anyone had came up with the expanded .338...there it wuz.
    True magnum, no BS in .33 caliber. They have loads at ammoguide and a free initial subscription for the first year.
    Yes, I am very interested in the round, and if you make any discoveries, I would like to hear about them.

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    Default 338 x 300 wsm

    In answering your question "Smoken"!
    Have been hunting with this caliber for a number of years. Recently build a 6.2 pound handgun and lost it to the little lady in the picture (she is holding the gun).
    What do you want to know as there are bunches of guys around the country using it.



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