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Thread: Draining battery

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    Default Draining battery

    I have a Honda Rincon of which I unintentionally took down the little su upside down for a ways. During my trip, the display was struck by a rock and rendered it useless. Since then, the battery will not hold a charge. I replaced the battery with a quality one and still having the same problem. I would like to do away with the display as I don't care how fast I am going,etc. Anyone have advice on solving this problem without getting into any great expense? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I would check the fluid level on the battery, if it floated upside down for a ways then it;s possible the electrolyte leaked out or it may have shorted out. As for the display, I don't know if removing that will have any affect on your machine, you might want to ask the Honda people about that one.

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    Go to and the Honda forum, if anyone can give you all the free advice you need it's those guys.


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