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Thread: 20A Anterless Moose

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    Default 20A Anterless Moose

    I am thinking of hunting zones 3 and 4 this weekend. I called the hotline for RM764 information, and there doesn't seem to be many animals taken yet (11 of 80 in zone 3, and 17 of 145 in zone 4) this year.

    Anyone have some current information about the area? How's the weather up there? Any snow on the ground? Seeing animals?

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    Default Hunted 20B

    I just spent a week up there hunting the FMA (20B I think) and only saw two young bulls. No cows at all. It might be different in 20A (I can only hope). There was about 1.5 inches of snow on the ground, with temperatures averaging the low 20's. Really, it was about perfect. Muddy areas were frozen. Ponds were not quite all frozen enough to walk on, so be careful (fell through a large puddle up to my knees one day). I'm going back for my archery antlerless moose in a few weeks I think, hopefully will find one then.

    Good luck.


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