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Thread: Drawing Permits and the Stag Game

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    Default Drawing Permits and the Stag Game

    Alaskan hunters are some of the least selfish individuals around. It might be interesting for F and G to research the possiblity of studying whether or not many hunting parties might apply for limited permits as a party hunt. One hunter on the party takes an animal one year and the other party takes an animal the next year.

    I know that many have had hunting partners that would not do this but I do know that many hunters would agree to this.

    The Stag Game is part of Game theory developed by John Forbes Nash portrayed in a Beautiful mind. It goes like this.
    Two hunters are allowed to shoot one stag and share the meat or individually hunt rabbits. Most hunters will not share and will instead hunt rabbits for a smaller individual payoff compared with a greater payoff if they share. Most will not share and instead hunt rabbits for a lesser individual yield.

    I believe that this would increase long term management goals and allow hunters to be more selective, hunt further back into the country and work together to form long term hunting partner relationships.

    Many sheep hunters do this. Two hunters go way back into the country. Flip a coin. Winner gets to shoot the sheep. Partner gets first dibs on the next trip.

    I was just wondering about general population of forum thoughts on this.



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    The stag game assumes the payoff is in terms of meat for every individual and overlooks other potential rewards. We're all driven by a different combination of motives. Personally, I think ADF&G should put more effort into managing game populations than into managing humans.

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    I don't know about game theory and stuff like that, but, when my partner gets a moose that pretty much ends that hunt for both of us and vice-versa in the unlikely event that I get one. Do both people go in the field with a tag, or just one tag between them?


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