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Thread: Read any good books lately?

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    Default Read any good books lately?

    Just wondering if anybody has any reccomendations for dog/ Iditarod/ mushing/ or ?? books. The cruelist miles by Lynn Salsbury (??) is a good one about the syrum run.

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    Winter Dance by Gary Paulsen

    10,000 miles by dogsled by Hudson Stuck

    I agree the Salisbury book is good.

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    My Lead Dog was a Lesbian by Brian Patrick O'Donoghue (Iditarod)
    Yukon Alone by John Balzar (Yukon Quest)

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    I am very interested in Alaska books. I am new here, hope it is the right thread! I tried to find a thread about Alaska
    books and landed here!

    The Woman who married a Bear - John-Straley

    A compelling narrator/protagonist and colorful local details propel this commanding mystery, the first of a projected series set in Alaska. Cecil Younger is a bundle of paradoxes: a hard-drinking private eye in Sitka, he writes haiku and lives with the guilt of career failure and the pain born when he wife walked out on him. Younger needs a good case to get his mind off his troubles, and it comes when an old Tlingit woman hires him to find out why her son, big-game guide Louis Victor, was shot to death. She does not believe the mentally unbalanced man convicted of the crime was responsible. Younger takes on the closed case mainly to placate the grieving mother, but after he is the target of potshots, he comes to believe there is a deeper story than the facts suggest. Throwing himself into the case, he travels from Sitka to Juneau to Anchorage to track down and question the victim's wife, grown children, friends and fellow guides. Sustaining the suspense from start to satisfying, unexpected finish, first novelist Straley, a criminal investigator for Alaska's Public Defender Agency, since suspense is sustained thru plot, seems awk to mention them separately has written a book whose unique, fully fleshed-out characters readers will be eager to see again.
    Curious Eat Themselves - an Alaskan mystery - John Straley

    Everybody wants to hire underemployed Alaska investigator Cecil Younger (The Woman Who Married a Bear, 1992)--even including his autistic roommate Toddy, who insists that Cecil track down Nelson, his missing Labrador retriever. First, though, Otter Creek gold-mine cook Louise Root gives him a retainer to expose the Global Resource coverup after she was raped at the mine; then Cecil's ex-girlfriend Hannah Elder demands that he investigate Louise's murder. Global thugs Lee Altman and Charlie Potts bully Cecil into taking $15,000 of company money to dig dirt on environmentalist Steven Mathews, Louise's old mentor, while insisting that their request has nothing to do with the assault and murder of Louise. And when local drifter Phil Dominic confesses to killing Louise, his dissatisfied lawyer hires Cecil to prove him innocent. As in Cecil's first outing, though, the strongest presence here is the Alaskan wilderness, dotted by memorably quirky towns that the sleuth keeps crisscrossing in other people's planes.


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