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    Question Camcorers ?

    We are looking at getting a new movie camera. Something small that takes great pics. I want to be able to plug it into the computer to edit and burn a DVD with out any hassle. How does the Sony HDR-HC1 stack up? I am not real swift with this stuff.

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    I bought a Panasonic camcorder last year & I used it once. It was my wife's idea, and she used it a couple times, but I am really not into video. I can't help with the Sony either. But last week my wife decided the rather small Panasonic was just too big to pack around with her all the time, and there was so many things the grand kids were doing she wanted shoot. Besides, the batteries were always dead when she wanted to use it. So she went out and bought a Flip Video recorder. It's tiny, uses 2 AA batteries, and records an hour of video on it's built in solid state flash memory. It has it's own USB connector that you plug into the computer, which then loads and starts up the camcorders proprietary software. You can then save the video and edit to your hearts content in windows video - cutting and stringing several clips together in a movie with fades and whatever. You can also tell it to email the clip to a friend if you want.

    It's not the perfect solution, nothing is, but it is easy. It is also more likely to be packed around when she wants it. Just pointing out another option.

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    I have the older HDR-HC3 and I believe the HC1 will do all you need. I use the Mac for all my editing with Final Cut Pro but you can use IMovie too. Im sure the PC's come with some sort of editor you can use, the pc im using now came with a windows movie editor but I never played with it.


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