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Thread: Bear Problems

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    Default Bear Problems

    Here is some background and a question.

    We have done about 6 float hunting (Aire Leopard) trips in Alaska. Most in country populated with bears. We have also done 5 drop camp hunts - also mostly in bear country (is there any other kind of country in AK?).

    On 2 of our drop camp trips we have lost meat to bears. We have never lost any meat (or had any other bear problems) on any of our float trips.

    Is this just coincidence or is this typical for other readers of this forum?

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    Default Bears

    What I have noticed is that the drop camps I have used are used by many non-residents that can not shoot bears. Also these areas are used each season. The bears learn that there is a lot of dead game around and start to hang around. The float trips are different because people camp at different camps and don't leave all those smells that draw the bears in. I have used an electric fence with good luck. I saw 9 different grizzlys at my last drop camp. Every tree around camp had been used as a scent marking tree. I have also been leaving my dirty clothes hanging by the meat and I urinate along the trails that lead to it. So far we have lost no meat and had no bears in camp.



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