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Thread: Kodiak info requested

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    Default Kodiak info requested

    A friend and myself are planning a deer hunt to Kodiak for the first time. I've been reading through the blurbs and have noticed the many advise hunting on the south end of the island. We are thinking of bringing along the fourwheelers but are not sure of the road system. We are taking the ferry from Homer to either Kodiak or Port lyons. Any suggestions on where to start from? How are the road systems and do they run along private land? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    There's lots of land on the road system at the north end of the island that's laced with 4-wheeler trails. But that's also the area that experienced the most winter kill. Lots of 4-wheelers out and about so you'll have plenty of guidance but also plenty of company and competition. And most that I've seen are coming out with their game racks bare. There are hundreds of 4-wheelers on the Kodiak road system, and there's virtually a waiting line at the popular trailheads.

    There are also lots of 4-wheeler trails around Port Lions, but that's mostly local traffic on locally owned private land. I'd definitely have a local host there, rather than simply show up on the ferry with a trailer full of 4-wheelers. It's likely to get pretty boring driving around town on your 4-wheeler if you don't have permission to get out of town. You might also get tired of sleeping in your truck at the ferry terminal if you don't have permission to camp elsewhere.

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    There's no way to get from the north end to the south end by road or 4-wheeler. It's a fly-out or boat trip, and I sincerely doubt that you would get your 4-wheelers there, much less have permission to use them on private land, much less legally do so on the refuge.

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    Default Check out Saltery Cove

    I did the same hunt back in 03. Took the ferry from Homer to Kodiak. There is a trailhead at the American River I think, about ten miles out of town that will take you all the way to Saltery Cove. Not sure of the season dates but there were also registration hunts for brownies and goats in that area. Feel free to PM me if you want more details.

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    I would say you definetly need to do some more research on the island and I will second BrownBears comments about the state of our herd on the roadsystem. The past few years it was nothing to see a dozen or more bucks a day riding around on a 4 wheeler. You will be lucky to see one this year. Basically because we lost 10,000 deer on the northend and almost 100% of last years fawns died from winter kill. Those would have been the dumb spikes and small forks this fall. I will also say that most of the old bucks that worked hard during last falls rut are no longer around. There are some 2.5 and 3.5 year old bucks around but you will need to work for them. Mines in the freezer, but I also hike for my deer. You will definetly have a lot of local competition on the 4 wheeler trails this year. Good luck and I hope this winter is mild because I'd hate to see what next year brings if it isn't.

    BrnBr, did you get a couple goats?

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    TB, tagged one on the south road, went up in the north road on the trail you pointed out, find some goats but the sidehilling did my client in and we hiked out. headed back up tuesday for another shot with the last client, picked up my archery reg goat tags for north and south in november. BUT I did finallyyyy see a two does and thats it. deer numbers are in the toilet on the road system, i'll second that for sure, maybe whent he grass knocks down and the rut starts we'll see a few that we're missing now..but i doubt it'll be many.
    Orginal poster, if you wanna hunt deer on kodiak take your truck on the ferry, leave the atv at home, hire an air charter and fly out, then you can take your meat home on the ferry and not get charged an arm and a leg for shipping and you'll have wheels on the island as well. beware...3.49 a gallon down here you'll have a good hunting experience, if you've got a 4 wheeler, so do 500 other people down the math.
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