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Thread: Where to go for birdies in the Anchorage bowl?

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    Default Where to go for birdies in the Anchorage bowl?

    I want to go out for birds tomorrow and can't seem to get a consensus from anyone. Most of my friends just don't seem to hunt small game. We've lived here only two years and I'm just getting around to going bird hunting - don't really care if it is grouse, spruce hen or ptarmigan... any suggestions would be awesome. I live in Anchorage but was thinking of heading to Eagle River or Peter's Creek Area - Palmer and Hatcher's Pass if necessary, but the closer the better.

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    get a daily use permit for free at the gate and register your gun or guns you think you might use and go. call in every day you plan on going pick an area that is open and log in. can log into two units at a time. on the inlet side is where I here the birds are. units 1-8 i think. or indian valley, although I have never seen any. but I have gone there a few times. this time of year it can be very icey and is kinda steep.


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