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Thread: Anyone here use Google Earth?

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    Default Anyone here use Google Earth?

    I am using google earth and looking around.
    I found these "lines" out there. They look man made
    but I can't tell what they are.

    If you have Google Earth. Go here.

    See the straight lines crossing near here?

    N62 01.65 W150 29.23

    What are they?

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    Default i use google earth

    and thoose are siesmic trails they did alot of that type of surveying for what ever way back win
    go here
    61°25'8.13"N 150°13'47.28"W
    these are some over around point mckenzie just south of the winter trail out to my cabin on alexander and the gas pipline from beluga

    and also this one is my photo op of my life this is a picture of me pumping concrete over a house with my boom truck
    61°19'28.32"N 149°34'53.78"W

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    Great shot of the boom truck!

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    Oh man that;s just scarry that you can google earth yourself like that. I was freaked out enough when I saw my own house!
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    I use Google earthe all the time. What is really cook is how it works with Topo 2008 software. Once I download my tracks from GPS to the Topo map, I can choose to view this map on Google Earth. It will how the satellite pics with my tracks imposed on it. Pretty cool


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