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Thread: Nosler Partition Golds

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    Default Nosler Partition Golds

    Does anyone have any experience with these bullets?
    I am having trouble finding load data for them, since Nosler stopped making them.
    I was planning on starting with the same loads as recommended for the regular partitions, but I'm not sure if that is wise since they are designed to perform slightly differently, wouldn't I probably want a slightly different volocity etc?
    These are 250 grain to be shot out of a .338 Win Mag.

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    Start at 5% below the starting loads for other bullets of this weight.

    Seat your bullets to the normal overall length, try them through your magazine to insure they function properly (remove firing pin first).

    Move up in the charge weight until you see or feel pressure signs. This means sticky bolt handle lift, flattened primers. case head expansion in excess of .003.

    Make sure you test in temps close to what you will be hunting in.

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    Default Partition Gold

    I think Big Al's advice is spot on. Looking in the Nosler 5th Edition manual the Partition Gold data is combined with the regular Partition data. That tells me that Nosler tested both bullets and found minimal difference in the MAPs and Pressure Standard Deviations between the two using the same load recipes.

    Here's a link to the Nosler data for their 250 gr bullets in 338WM

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    Thanks a lot guys, I'll be given them a try as soon as the snow stops.


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