Hunting and Trapping

Emergency Order Alaska Department

Under the Authority of AS 16.05.060 of Fish and Game

Emergency Order No. 02-08-07 Issued at Cordova , Alaska

October 11, 2007

Effective Date: 11:59 p.m. Expiration Date: June 30, 2008

October 12, 2007 unless superseded by

subsequent emergency order


This emergency order closes the State of Alaska resident and nonresident hunting season for mountain goat in registration permit hunt RG249 east of the Columbia Glacier in Game Management Unit 6(D). Mountain goat hunting regulations in all other portions of Game Management Unit 6 are not affected by this emergency order.


Therefore, the following regulations in 5AAC 85.040 (2), Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits for Goat, are superseded by this emergency order, and the following provisions are effective:

Units and Bag Limits


Open Season

(Subsistence and

General Hunts)


Open Season


Unit 6(D), Hunt RG249: specifically,
that portion east of Columbia Glacier and west of Valdez Arm.

1 goat by registration permit only.


Sept. 15- Oct. 12
Sept. 15-Oct. 12

All other mountain goat hunting regulations in the remainder of Unit 6 are not affected by this emergency order.

Denby Lloyd


By delegation to: David W. Crowley

Cordova Area Wildlife Biologist


Aerial surveys completed during August 2004 indicated that the population in registration permit area RG249 was 330 goats. The Department set the maximum allowable harvest at 16 goats. Current harvest is 15 goats including 4 nanny. Nannies count as 2 goats toward the harvest quota. Additional take beyond the harvest objective could harm the long-term stability of the population.