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Thread: Glacier Mountain Outfitters/Jennen

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    Default Glacier Mountain Outfitters/Jennen

    I think I have finally found what I have been looking for. A site with lots of knowledgeable people.
    Perhaps someone here could help me a bit
    Does anyone know who this guy is?
    His (and his wifes) full name is
    Glacier Mountain Outfitters
    Greg & Petra Jennen
    They operate out of Juneau

    I am looking at a hunt with these people and any feedback would be most appreciated.


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    Default Juneau or Tok?

    Don't know anything about them, but their web site says they're out of Tok.

    Our Mailing Address:


    Greg&Petra Jennen

    P.O.Box 802

    Tok, AK 99780

    Phone: 1-907-883-3817

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    King, thanks for trying to help.

    I also noticed they have a TOK address, but the hunt is started out of Juneau.
    The name of thier boat is "Ruffinit"

    Thanks again


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