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    Just curious how long do you all spend glassing a particular mountain side when looking for black bears? Do you pick one that looks good and glass it all day or move on to another area after a few hrs. what part of the day is best to spend time glassing morning, afternoon?

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    Default Black Bears hours!

    For what it is worth I'll share what I have learned over many years of taking bear hunters out....

    Black bears seem to have a pretty acurate time clock. By 2 p.m. you'll start seeing some but by 3 p.m. there will be a lot more of them moving. We would not do much before 2 p.m. The more sun on the hillside the better.

    If we were very mobile (boat, atv, etc.) then we wouldn't spend more than a hour glassing a good looking hill before we would shoot to the next. If we were on foot and limited to what we could cover then from 2 p.m. on we watched our chosen hillside.

    Hope it helped.

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    Default glassing bears

    Thanks that does help. I have been getting to the hills at first light and moving on after an hour or so guess maybe I should try more in the afternoon. When will the blacks start to den up? Do I still have a few weeks left to try to find one on the hills?

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    Default How much time?

    I feel it's rapidly coming to an end with this cold. Unless things warm up, they'll start staying put for the winter. I would recommend trying to find a hillside that the sun will hit midday (noonish or so) and will remain on it till late evening. That will give it a chance to warm up and the bears will move more. The warmer the better and the less wind the better.

    I always told my hunters that bears are like humans as far as weather.....
    When it's blowing and pooring rain we don't usually like to go out in it, we'd rather stay in the heavy forest. If it's cold and blowing, we usually prefer to hang out in an area that protects us from the wind, such as the forest. If it's sunny and warm we enjoy getting out! This rule of thumb hasn't let me down yet.

    We hiked the Fuller lakes trail last weekend and saw nothing on the hillsides but had lots of sign on the trail. In fact we had a couple of different sets of tracks in our tracks when we came back down. It was windy and cold, the snow line was above tree line but not far and we didn't enjoy being out in the open. So going with my rule of thumb, they didn't enjoy it either and chose to eat berries in the forest.

    Just to add, it's only a rule of thumb and not engraved in stone. I'm quite sure others will have a different opinion.


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