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    Default Petersville road

    I'm new to Alaska. Been here about a year now.

    I was looking at Google Earth.
    The Petersville west of Trapper Creek.

    Can you ride ATV on Petersville road or another of the
    other dirt roads in that area??

    I'm thinking of going up that way to do some riding.

    And it looks like that area is just full of trails and places
    to ride or am I just not understanding what I'm looking at.


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    The pavement ends about 8 miles down the road, and plenty of people ride the unpaved portion. It must go for something like 40 miles back. Once you get about 5 miles past Petersville, some of the bridges have washed out, but you should be able to cross the streams, particularly at this time of year. It's also a popular snowmachine destination in the winter.

    Basically, there are no facilities back there, besides the Roadhouse, about 15 miles from Trappers Creek. Petersville is a few cabins, most of them unoccupied and boarded up. There are a few lodges, but they cater primarily to hunters, and may or may not be open by the time you get back there.

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    Great news. THANKS!!
    I will try to head up there before the snow hits.

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    It is a pretty fun area to cruise around. Gets mobbed by crowds in hunting season.

    Has anyone else noticed the new Pay to park box installed at Kroto parking lot? State has big plans to develop (ruin) that area I think.

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    And that is what I am looking for right now. Just cruising. Not crawling over rocks and stuff(althought that is a heck of alot of fun!)


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