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Thread: Franklin Engine overhauler?

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    Default Franklin Engine overhauler?

    Anyone know of someone in-state who will field overhaul Franklin engines, or at least do a teardown inspection on one? Mine ingested some metal and though it probably won't need a full overhaul (only 400 SMOH) it will need a new case, some new piston rod bolts and inspection before reassembly. There are several places in the lower 48 but I'd rather keep the work up here if possible...

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    any shop can tear your engine down, but if you need any new parts or jugs, prob going to have to call that guy in Colorado or the old guy in Florida...thats what i hated about my 172 with a Franklin (got rid of it years ago)...when stuff broke on that engine, it wasnt as simple as calling the local shop

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    Thumbs up Cont/lyco

    you would probably be better off converting to a Cont/Lyco I know of a guy with a I0-470 in a stintson. really sweet

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    Default engine

    Have you already talked to Mad Mike and BJ's? I figured one of those cats would. What about the place at merrill? Alaska Aircraft Engines I think it is.

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    There is a guy in Fairbanks who specializes in Franklins.... not all shops can handle them... they require special tools... I know another guy at Birchwood... I think his name is Bruce Lagune(or some spelling close to that last name).. I know how to get their numbers if you post back..


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