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Thread: Cooper Lake Black Bear

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    Default Cooper Lake Black Bear

    Anyone have any recent info on black bears in the area? Going to go down soon and was interested in any info you had to offer (good locations/scouting spots/etc.). Thanks

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    Default Heading there this weekend!

    I put up a similar thread to this one...A few guys replied and said they usually glass some blackies from the road that goes back there....also said they see 'em at the lake. I will have my boat with me and will launch it if there is little or no ice on the lake.....I figure with these cold temps there will be some ice. I'll be in a Tioga Montara motorhome probably pulling my Wooldridge boat with a black canvas top.

    Give us a holler if you'll be down there! Good luck!


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    Default Alot of bears up there

    I was up there yesterday morning, seen one bear from the edge of Cooper Lake, but saw 4 on the ridge that runs along Snug Harbor road. Shot one on Sunday that was pretty nice, 6'11" across the front paws and 6'4" nose to tail. I saw alot of bears that day, more so when the clouds disapeared and the sun came out so did the bears. With so many bears around it would be nice to see a few more get smacked before they den up.

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    Wow Ernie, that's a nice bear for this country. Congrats!!
    Vance in AK.

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    That area has a lot of black bears. The easiest ones to find are those high up and then it is a steep climb to get to them. Glassing from the lake or the road is the best way to find them. They should have a good thick hide at this time of year. Good luck

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    Bears pretty much on all the slopes around the lake. All you need to do is glass. If you are lucky, you can find them on the beach in the early morning. The big ones are way up the slope, and the hiking is not easy. Be prepared to bust some brush.

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    Saw a pig of a bear about 2 weekends ago, he was on the other side of the lake and about 300 yards from the top of the mountain above 2 big billies. That's some great looking country and that was our first time in there. Next time i go up there i'll have a boat of some kind.


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