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    I volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on the banquet committee and we are having our annual banquet/auction on Nov 10th.
    I usually line up a donated fishing trip or two to auction off or give away as a prize and this year all of my usual contacts have fallen thru.
    Who would like to step up for a great cause and get a bit of advertising as a bonus? Pm me and I can answer all your questions and we can work out the details.

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    To The Top. RMEF is a great organization!

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    It is a great organization, but unfortuneatly there are a lot of great organizations out there. It is impossible to say yes to them all. I donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Anchorage. I have been to a lot of fundraiser auctions and such and find that trips usually go for way undervalue (usually half) and the guide really looses out as he is out a day of work and the money he thought was going to a good organization is about half what it should be.
    To some it is just a trip, but for a guide it is a $500 to $1000 donation (out of the guides pocket).

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    Default Great Org

    Great organization. I may be able to work something out. I PMed you.
    Marc Theiler


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