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Thread: Float hunting the Salcha or Goodpastor rivers

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    Wink Float hunting the Salcha or Goodpastor rivers


    I just purchased a used 14' NRS Otter from Larry Bartlett. It is a quality boat. I am thoroughly happy with the purchase I made. If anyone is looking for a raft check with Larry first at I was wondering if anybody could give me some info on floating either the Salcha river or the Goodpastor river in units 20B and 20D respectively. A good buddy of mine heard some good reports about those rivers, but we don't know of any good pilots or air taxi operators in either Fairbanks or Delta Junction that do drop offs into that area.

    Thanks a bunch.

    Keep your nose to the wind and your eyes along the sykline.

    Bushwhack Jack

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    Jim Cummings of Golden Eagle Outfitters in Delta, he does drops and pickups on those rivers

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    Both these rivers are hunted hard and can be accessed with both jet and airboats. I would try either Birch or Beaver creeks if you are trying to go cheap.
    Not what I would consider remote by any means. If you just want to float and not hunt, it would by Okay, just watch out for the traffic. The Salcha was numerous cabins, more like driving down a road to me.


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    Absolutely agree with stid2677, the Salcha gets hammered big time by air boats and river boats. I would look at another river that doesn't have near as much traffic. Get with Larry, since he sold you your boat i'm sure he'd be glad to help you find a suitable river to float.

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    Thanks guys,

    That is kind of what I figured, but a buddy of mine has got his sights set on the Salcha for some reason. How about units 20A or 20E? Any recommendations on floatable rivers with good numbers of game?

    Bushwhack Jack

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    You could float the north fork of the Salcha. I don't know anyone who runs it with a powerboat. If there are powerboats, it won't be as bad as the middle fork.


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